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Riddles are great fun! Here are some to start you off. See if your children can make some up of their own.
Who am I riddles…
1. I can swim or walk for miles.
I'm big with thick, white hair.
I live up in the Arctic.
I am a ________ POLAR BEAR

2. I'm usually made of colored yarn,
By someone who is knittin'.
Unless one's lost i come in pairs.
Of course I am a ______MITTEN

3. My antlers tower above my head.
Where I live, it's cold all year.
I can pull a sled or pack a load.
You call me a ______REINDEER

4. I'm big and white and made of snow,
So I'll never have a tan.
When the sun comes out, I melt away.
Each year, I'm a new ______-SNOWMAN

5. I've got a big mustache.
I dig shellfish with my tusks.
I swim in icy waters.
I am a big ______-WALRUS



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