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Towards grade five, it becomes time to choose a special friend, a "best" friend. This should be someone who you can rely on, not someone who is good looking and popular who will use you for your talents. This person should be loyal to you, and shouldn't be eager to talk behind your back about you. You should be able to trust this person in keeping personal secrets, and not telling. This choice is an important one, don't underestimate it! And remember, a boy can be a girl's best friend, and visa-versa. You don't have to be "Boyfriend-Girlfriend" to be Best Friends. This may happen in the future, but it doesn't have to if you don't want it to. Good luck in choosing your favorite friend!



Best friends will still have disagreements just like all people do. It is how the disagreement is handled and how it strengthens the friendship that makes this friend your best friend. Best friends accept each other for who they are, not what they have or who they know. Best friends don't try to change one another. Best friends support each other through thick and thin. Minor disagreements are but they don't last long. My best friend and I have little "spats", but they make our friendship stronger. We are supporting each other through everything-no matter what!!

Sleepover party activities


Play Charades.

Face Painting.

Cheerleading chants are fun! You can make up on your own. Make your own pom-poms.

Ice cream floats.

Lots of 60's music.

Inside out sandwiches.

Pizza, snacks and soda.

Tell Ghost stories.

Get out the guitar (or other musical instruments) if you have one...

Apply make up! This is the time to use some wild and crazy colors!

"Set" each other's hair!

About 10 or 11 p.m. (depending on the age of the kids) settle everyone down in front of the movie "Grease" or "Pretty in Pink" and see if you can stay up all night! Can you watch the sunrise?

Pajama Party

Autograph Book

When a group of kids get together for a slumber party or any party for that matter, here's a great idea for a craft that will be a good souvenir.

Make a scrapbook or autograph book... Have everyone sign a page of each other's scrapbook. Decorate the pages. Take Polaroid camera pictures of each other. Share some of these pictures with your friends.



Your child will be upset when a good friend moves away, even if you are the one that's been transferred their feelings will start emerging in a number of ways. Understandably they will be sad and maybe even a bit angry. There are several things you can do to help them work through this anxious time. First make sure you listen to them, they will have questions about how their life may change, or fears that they won't be able to make new friends that are as much fun. Make a plan for keeping in touch with their friend. A weekly letter, e-mail, an occasional phone call, even some summer vacation time will keep good friends together. They can plan a secret code, and correspond in code! Make a puzzle letter by writing your notes on one side of the paper only and cutting it into 4 or 5 pieces before putting it in the envelope. They will have lots to tell each other, after all before they spent all their time together, and now whatever they do will is news to the other! Follow through with their correspondence, by making sure the letters they write are mailed. Take pictures of your child with other mutual friends to send.

What can I do with my friends?


Here is an idea for your daughter. When an occasion arrives to exchange gifts with a good friend, make a pair of "friendship earrings". To do this, go to the store and buy 2 pair of earrings. Try to find some that relate to each other and maybe even have a theme (like an activity you both like). Then go home and switcheroo! Each new pair of earrings will have one of each pair. (for example, a pair of sun earrings and a pair of moon earrings become two pairs of one of each sun and moon.)



A pajama party is a great way to have fun with your friends! Here are some ideas to get your planning under way. You can't do everything in one night, so pick a few that will really be fun. For your average pajama party you'll need to think about some basic things, food, activities, space to sleep/hang out and what adult will be available to supervise.

About 10 or 11 p.m. (depending on the age of the kids) settle everyone down in front of the movie "Grease" or "Pretty in Pink" and see if you can stay up all night! Can you watch the sunrise?



From just a few buttons and pipe cleaners your children can make their own friendship rings. Measure a piece of pipe cleaner to wrap around your finger, and leave some extra length to twist. slide through button shank, twist ends. Note: There are also many variations to this activity, you can make a neat bracelet by adding several buttons. You can also make a necklace by adding a few buttons on a string.

party activities


It is a lot of fun playing with a tape recorder with your friends. You can record yourselves singing or even record each other doing funny snoring! When you're done try to guess which voice is whos!

party activities


Make your own animal sock slippers. Have each child bring a pair of tube sox, and decorate them with fabric paint, pom-poms, pieces of felt, etc. You can make animals, funny people, or just decorate with a wild and crazy pattern.



Believe it or not, numbers can be fun. Here are a few examples, try them with your friends!

Add up the following numbers out loud, starting at the top and, adding on each number as you go -
If you made the answer 5,000 (as 99% of people do) then try again! (it should be 4,100)
A game to find out a person's age and how many coins they are carrying.

Ask someone to double their age (either mentally or on paper) but, obviously, they must not tell you.
Then to add 5 and multiply by 50.
Finally, they must add the number of coins they have on them. If they do not have any, nothing is added.
They then tell you the final answer.
Now all you have to do is take away 250. The first two digits of the answer you are left with are the persons age and the last two the number of coins in their possession.
This works unless they are carrying over 100 loose coins.

Example -
25 x 2 = 50 + 5 = 55 x 50 = 2750 + 6 = 2756

2756 - 250 = 2506

Take any three digit number in which the first and last number differ by more than one i.e. 335 would be O.K. but not 333, or 332.
Reverse this number
Subtract the smaller number from the larger.
Add this answer to the same number reversed and the answer is ALWAYS 1089.
Example 1:-
335 Reversed = 533
533 - 335 = 198
198 + 891(198 reversed) = 1089

Example 2:
932 reversed = 239
932 - 239 = 693
693 +396 = 1089


Get a friend to throw a dice three times and you will be able to tell them which numbers came up and in which order.
This is what they have to do -

Throw dice
Multiply number by 2
Add 5
Multiply by 5 (Remember this total)
Throw dice second time
Add this second number to the previous total.
Multiply by 10 (Remember total)
Throw the dice for the third time and add the number to the last total.
Ask for the final total. Subtract 250 and you will be left with three figures. These figures represent the numbers thrown and the in which they appeared.

First throw = 4
4 x 2 = 8
8 + 5 = 13
13 x 5 = 65
Second throw = 2
65 x 2 = 67
67 x 10 = 670
Third throw = 6
670 + 6 = 676
676 - 250 = 426 = 4 2 6

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