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We're for puddles, rain and snow; pull us on and off you go. (Boots)

On your nose we like to rest; for sunny days we are best. (Sunglasses)

When the rain falls from the sky, put me over you to keep you dry. (Umbrella)

I'll keep you warm when cold winds blow; button or zip me, and off you go. (Jacket)

We always come in twos; put us on before your shoes. (Socks)

Long or short sleeved, blue or red, slip me on over your head. (Shirt)

On your hands I go, so you can play in the snow. (Mittens)

Do rabbits use combs? They use hare brushes.

What kind of a cat could you find in a library? A catalog.

When is it safe to pet a lion? When it is a dandelion.

What dress does every girl have that she never wears? Her address.



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