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Materials o Roll of brown wrapping paper o Glue o Self-adhesive Velcro fastener o Stapler o Scissors
Step 1:
Cut off two sheets of paper that measure six inches longer than your child's waist size, and lay one sheet on top of the other. Staple them together along the short side (to form the waist) about 1/2 inch from the edge.
Step 2:
For a waistband, use a four-inch-wide paper strip with the same circumference as the skirt waist. Glue the lower half of the waistband to the stapled edge of the skirt front.
Fold over the waistband top, and glue it to the inside of the skirt. For a decorative waistband, twist together two long paper strips and glue them on.
Step 3:
Use scissors to fringe the skirt from the hemline to just below the waistband.
Step 4:
Finally, stick one part of the Velcro fastener to the front of one waistband end and the matching part to the back of the band's opposite end. Wrap the skirt around your child's waist, and fasten.



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