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group games


All you need is an empty soda can!
How to play:
Step 1: While one player is "It" and tries to keep an empty soda can inside a large chalk circle, everyone else tries to free the soda can by sneaking up and kicking the can out of the circle.
Step 2: To start the game, "It" sets the can in the center of the circle and, standing nearby with her eyes closed, counts to 100 (or less if not a quick counter) while the other players hide. When she is finished counting, she tries to search out the others and tag them.
Step 3: Whomever she touches must stop in place and remain there. If a player is able to reach the circle and kick out the can without being tagged, he shouts "C!"
The can is then reset in the circle, and the game begins again with everyone hiding. The second time a player boots the can out of the circle, he yells "A!" The first player to kick the can for the third time earns the letter N and yells out "C-A-N" to win the game. Then, a new "It" is named.
Step 4: In order for "It" to win the game, she must succeed in tagging all of the players before anyone makes it to the circle and kicks the can three times.



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