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October is a great season for bringing "memory" outdoors. Traditionally perceived as a game of classification and matching, memory can be transformed from a stationary card game to an interactive scavenger hunt. First, make a list of things that can be found in your own backyard or park. (acorns, oak or maple leaves, pinecones or pine needles, etc.) If your child is too young to read go out and select one of each item and put it on a tray. Let the fun begin… equip your daughter with a basket or bag to collect the items in and have her "match" as many items as she can. When you are done you can take these items inside and make a centerpiece for the dinner table or a collage for the refrigerator. Classification is an important skill that can be developed on an ongoing basis. For example your child can match the socks as they come out of the dryer, match the cans of vegetables up in the cupboard, or just leaf through a magazine and try to find pictures of things you may have in your home. This is easily adapted to all seasons and with a little imagination you can play a different memory game every week.



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