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Children truly need to know their place in this world, and feel secure with their parent's unconditional love. Something you can do for all of your children is to give them some private one on one time on a regular basis. This could be as simple as spending 5 minutes with each one privately as you tuck them into bed every night. Asking them about their favorite time of the day or just whispering "I love you" and giving them an extra special cuddle. You can get a bit more elaborate once a month by spending a special afternoon with each one individually. Have to go shopping? Get a babysitter for the other two children and take one with you. Make sure you rotate which child goes with you each week so they all get a chance for your company. For a very special occasion (like a birthday, a very good report card or just staying dry all week for your two year old) you could plan two hours of a favorite activity, either one on one or with the siblings, the one celebrating the occasion choosing the agenda.



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