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When you have children of various ages and have to find something that everyone would enjoy to keep them happy, consider these activities that are enjoyed my many.

1. Go outside for a walk. Collect leaves, grasses, rocks and other "treasures". At home, glue them into a large piece of paper making a collage. Enjoy the sandbox outside or in winter play in the snow.

2. Puzzles are fun. Have a variety of puzzles on hand of various difficulties.

3. Have a story time. All children love to hear a story.

4. Music time! Put on your favourite music and let the children dance. Even babies love to move to the music.

5. Creative art time. Cutting and pasting, fingerpainting, and painting are loved by children of all ages. You may have to simplify activities for yournger children, for example, precut the shapes for pasting

6. Bake or cook something. A great multi age activity. There is something every age child can do, like stirring or measuring. Give very young children a bowl and spoon to keep them occupied between their "jobs".

7. Nuturing is a "job" activity that can involve everyone. Water, feed or walk the dog (cat or fish). Water the houseplants. Sing to the baby.

8. Consider helping around the house an activity!
Setting the table, tidying, sort or fold laundry (I have been known to take dishtowels out of the drawer for a 3 year old to fold while I finish making a meal), and sweeping is very popular.

Even babies that cannot take part in these activities will enjoy watching, especially if you talk to them about what is going on.



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