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Dehydration is a danger most often associated with children who have diarrhea and/or are vomiting or have a fever. However, extreme summer temperatures and activities that cause excessive perspiration can dehydrate a child as well. Babies are particularly vulnerable because they can't tell us when they are thirsty, and because their bodies lose water at a much higher rate.

You can help your child to avoid dehydration bylimiting the time spent outdoors during the hottest part of the day (between 11am and 3pm). Providing a sunhat for them to wear. In addition, offer them plenty of water or diluted fruit juice before, during and after outdoor activities (enough so that their urine is consistently pale).

Signs of dehydration are .Lack of tears
.dry skin, mouth and tongue
.sunken eyes
.greyish skin
.decreased urination
Call your doctor immediately if your child shows signs of dehydration.
Offer them an oral rehydration solution (available at most drugstores).



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