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Recommended for ages 8 and up. (although younger children, ages 4 - 6 can play with only 5 - 10 items).
Have the children test their memory skills on this game.
Give each child a piece of paper and a pencil.
Bring out a large covered (use a towel) tray with 15-20 items on it.
Remove the cover, and let the children view the items on the tray for 1 minute.
Then take the tray out of the room.
Give everyone 5 minutes to write as much as they can remember from the tray.
The child with the most correct items on their list wins.

Ideas of items to use: candle, bow, ribbon, dice, spoon, invitation, pencil, ruler, Band-Aid, pen, balloon, marker, paper clip, rubber band, stapler, TV remote, calculator, monopoly piece, paper airplane, any small toys ...
You can use items from the theme of the party:
Summer - sunglasses, lotion, goggles.
Beanie Baby Party - different beanie baby toys.
Sports - different sports cards with well-known players.



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