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Have your child select an oatmeal box lid and cut two sheets of wax paper (each the same size) to fit around the outside of the lid. The lid is the bottom of the lantern, the wax paper will form the cylindrical sides. Arrange pressed leaves on one sheet of wax paper. Cover the leaves with the second piece of wax paper and, using a warm (not hot) iron, press the wax paper, melting the wax and ironing the leaves between the sheets of paper.

Glue a one-inch strip of fall colored construction paper along the top of the wax paper to reinforce the top so that a handle can be added. Glue the bottom edge of the wax paper to the outside of the box lid. Do this by running a bead of glue all along the outside of the box lid. Then roll the lid along the bottom edge of the wax paper, forming the cylinder as you roll.

You may add a finishing strip of construction paper along this bottom edge. Put several dabs of glue along the overlapping edges of the wax paper sides to close the cylinder. Attach a 1/2-inch-wide, 12- to 15-inch-long handle using paper fasteners. Place a loop of masking tape in the bottom of the lantern and add a votive candle or tea light. (If a candle is used, the lantern must be supervised at all times. Using only outdoors might be the safest idea.)



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