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The more interactive conversation and play a child is involved in, the more a child learns.
Reading books, singing, playing word games, and simply talking to your child will increase his vocabulary while providing increased listening opportunities.
Here are a few suggestions to help improve your child's communication skills:
1. Talk to your child about what he did during the day or plans to do tomorrow. "I think it's going to rain this afternoon. What shall we do?" Or discuss the day's events at bedtime.
2. Play make-believe games.
3. Read your child's favorite books over and over and encourage him to join in with words he knows. Encourage "pretend" reading (let your child pretend he's reading a book to you).
4. As your child gets older continue to discuss the days plans and events. Do not over react when you hear about aspects of your child's day that may have been handled somewhat questionably. Discuss what your child did to handle the event and what the results were. How could they have handled it differently to expect other results?
An open communication policy is the most important gift you can give your child and yourself!



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