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2- Styrofoam cups
3- 1 1/2" white pompoms
1- 3/4" pink pompom
1- 12 mm oval wiggle eyes
12"- 1 1/4" Ribbon
8"- 3/8" ribbons
9"x12" white construction paper
9"x12" Pink construction paper
1. Cut: 2 pink ears, 2 pink arms, 1 pink feet
2. Glue ears, arms and feet to white paper and cut around them leaving narrow white edge.
3. Put glue on the bottom of one of the Styrofoam cups and place it on the feet.
4. Put glue around the rim of the cup and starting in the back, wrap the ribbon around the cup, placing the bottom half of the ribbon on the glue
5. Glue the arms to the ribbon
6. Separate the fluff of one white pompom and glue it to the back of the cup for a tail.
7. Tie a bow with the narrow ribbon and glue it to the wide ribbon in the front.
8. Cut slits on the bottom of the other cup for the ears.
9. Glue on eyes and pink nose.
10. Separate the fluff of one white pompom and glue on the white cheek balls.
11. Fill the bottom cup with candy, cookies, pretzels, a toy, etc.
12. Place the head cup inside the ribbon collar.



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