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Towards grade five, it becomes time to choose a special friend, a "best" friend. This should be someone who you can rely on, not someone who is good looking and popular who will use you for your talents. This person should be loyal to you, and shouldn't be eager to talk behind your back about you. You should be able to trust this person in keeping personal secrets, and not telling. This choice is an important one, don't underestimate it! And remember, a boy can be a girl's best friend, and visa-versa. You don't have to be "Boyfriend-Girlfriend" to be Best Friends. This may happen in the future, but it doesn't have to if you don't want it to. Good luck in choosing your favorite friend!



1/30/2007 4:56:40 PM
courtney said:

i have friends that do that and they use me but how am i suppose to explain to them?

4/27/2007 2:02:39 PM
tersa said:

great tips


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