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A kaleidoscope is just a hollow tube with mirrors lining its inside. You then put something pretty at one end and your eye at the other. The nicest and easiest kaleidoscope I've found is this one. It is not very likely that a child would be able to make this on his/her own, so plan on making it together. When it is done be sure to decorate the outside of the Pringles can and make it personal.
1 Pringles can.
12"x12" mirror tile. cut into 3 pieces.... 2 3/8" x 8 1/2" .
You'll also need a 3" square of clear plastic [I used a piece from a lg. Soda bottle]. Corrugated cardboard - 1" x 9".
Beads, sequins and baubles
1. Carefully punch a hole in the middle of the metal end of the can. This will be where you look into the kaleidoscope, so be sure to punch from the outside of the can to the inside so that any sharp edges will be in the can!
2. Arrange the mirrors into a triangle [with the mirror sides facing each other] I bought a mirror tile from the hardware store. It was reasonably priced and he even cut the pieces for me!
3. Trace the end of the can onto the plastic and cut it a little smaller to just fit over the top of the mirrors.
4. Trim the cardboard collar to fit snugly around the inside of the can to hold the plastic in place.
Put in your baubles, put on the lid, and enjoy your new kaleidoscope!



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