BABY WIPES - Make your own

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baby wipes

BABY WIPES - Make your own

1 roll stroong paper towels
2 cups water
2 Tbs. baby bath liquid
To cut the paper towel roll in half, place it on its side on a cutting board surface. Leave the plastic wrap on and cut firmly using a sharp, but not serrated, knife. Remove the plastic wrap from the half you will use first. Save the other half for your next batch. A Tupperware Signature 2 Series container works great for storage. It has a flip-top lid and looks nice, but you can use any plastic container with an easy flip-open lid, about six inches high and wide enough to stand the half roll upright. Mix the water and baby bath in the container. Stand the paper towel half upright in the solution. After one minute, remove the center tube. Close the container and let stand for a couple of hours to finish absorbing the liquid. Pull the wipes from the center - use as much or as little as you need at each diaper change.



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