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To prepare for this game you should make a card for everyone similar to a Bingo card. (5 squares by 5 squares) Then make a list of things to find that is appropriate to the group of people that will be playing. You can use the list below or make up your own list. Print the directions below and the list of things to find. ( I print them on one sheet of paper to make it simple.)

Mingle with the others and ask the following questions listed below. As you find a person that meets the description write their name in a box below. Include in the box the persons first and last name, and the number of the question that they discussed with you. For example: Ann has Brown hair and question number 2 says, "Find someone with brown hair." You would write Ann #2 in any of the boxes listed below. You can only use each person's name once. If you are a winner be prepared to tell us about the new friends you have met!

Find someone who has a pet.
Find someone whose middle name that starts with A.
Find someone who got an A in English.
Find someone who rides a bike.
Find someone who has a job.
Find someone who has a room of their own.
Find someone who has been to New York.
Find someone who has painted toenails.
Find someone who wears contacts.
Find someone who has never flown in an airplane.
Find someone who wore braces.
Find someone who has never been skiing.
Find someone who has a brother.
Find someone who is going out of town for Christmas.
Find someone who already has their Christmas shopping done.
Find someone who has hiked the Superstition Mountains.
Find someone who has the same first name that you have.
Find someone who plays an instrument.
Find someone who baby-sits.



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