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Using a bar of soap and a sticker or picture cut from a magazine, you can make a nice present for someone.
Unwrap the bar of soap. If the "brand name" is on the soap use a sticker or picture that will cover it. Apply the sticker to the bar of soap, or use diluted glue to attach the picture. (It doesn't have to be feminine just because it's soap, try dinosaurs or trucks). An adult can melt a block of paraffin (canning wax, found in grocery stores), by setting it in a tin and the tin in boiling water (like a double boiler). When the wax is melted you dip the top of the soap (the side with the sticker) in the paraffin. This will seal the picture/sticker and it will not come off when the soap gets wet! Wrap your gift of soap in tissue paper.



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