M & M TURKEYS -Snack

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M & M TURKEYS -Snack

M & M TURKEYS -Snack
These make great decorations for the Thanksgiving dinner table. The kids love making them, but like eating them more!
For each turkey, you will need 2 pieces of orange nylon net, about 10" square
1/2 of a brown pipe cleaner;
1 section of red chenille bump;
2 tiny wiggle eyes;
A piece of strong thread or thin string;
About 1/2 to 1 cup plain M&Ms,
a dab of glue or Royal Icing
Put the 2 pieces of net together, with the corners of one along the sides of the other, making 8 points. pour M&Ms in center, gather up the points, twist and tie securely.
Coil the brown pipe cleaner, leaving about 2"; curve the 2" to form the neck.
Tuck the red bump into the bottom of the coil to form the wattle.
Glue a tiny eye on each side of the head.
Shape the body - the M&Ms - so that the ends of the net become the tail and stick out the back. Insert the neck through the net in the front.



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