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Before allowing your child to do a craft using a hot glue gun, or even a cool glue gun (which is still warm enough to soften the glue) you have to judge their ability to use it safely. I recommend allowing your child to practice with a cold glue gun. While you are watching carefully ask the child to show you how they would use the glue gun. Watch that they are keeping their fingers away from the tip, the glue that (would be) coming out of the gun and the project that just received the hot glue. When you are confident they realize where the "hot spots" are when working with the gun, then plug the gun in and continue to supervise it's use. Be sure you have a place to set the hot glue gun when it is not in use and the "rest" area is out of the way and cannot burn or scorch anything around it. You can buy stands for this purpose and I recommend you use one if a child under the age of 16 is to use this tool. I use a ceramic tile when I use the gun, however, if the kids are using it I have a frame/stand I purchased just for them.



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