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1 4" peg clothespin
1 3/4" wooden ball for head
1 yd. 4" wide lace cut into 2 18" pieces (you can use white crepe paper)
1/2 yd. 1 1/2-2" lace cut into 2 pieces (you can use trim of felt for this)
Place the 2 pieces of 4" wide lace on top of each other. Gather top, pull thread tight leaving a small hole. Knot. This is the dress. Slip dress onto round part of clothespin, glue. Glue ball on top. For the wings, join each piece of 1 1/2" lace with glue to make a tube. Overlap the 2 pieces in the center, gather up the middle, wrap thread around and tie tightly. Glue wings onto dress just below the head. Make a halo by forming a small circle from a piece of shiny pipe cleaner. Tie a piece of thread or ribbon through this for a hanger and then glue halo on to head. Decorate with ribbons, etc.



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