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2 paper plates
Black and red poster paint
Black and white construction paper
Black felt pen
Staples or paper fastener
Sponge cut in a 1" circle

Cut one paper plate in half. Have your child paint the back of the whole paper plate black. Have her paint the back of both halves red. Take the round sponge and blot circles with black paint onto the two half pieces for the lady bugs spots. Allow to dry. Attach both halfs at the top of the back of black plate to form wings. Draw head and antennae from construction paper and attach to top of ladybug, (can be fastened at same time as wings) You can also use black pipe cleaners for the antennas. Cut round white circles for eyes and use felt pen to color in middle for pupil. (can use wiggle eyes instead) Hang up side down to make the ladybug appear to be flying.



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