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Paper cut into triangles (gift wrap is good)
Round toothpicks or straws
Elmer's glue
paint brushes
needle and dental floss
Start with strips of paper about 8 inches long and wider at one end than the other, like a long narrow triangle with the point cut off. Notice that one end of the strip is narrower than the other. (This is the point of the triangle or the narrower of the two ends.) Starting at the narrow end, put glue on the first inch of the strip. Now find the wider end of the strip of paper. Starting from there, roll the strip around a toothpick. Roll as straight and as tightly as you can. You will notice that the edge of the paper will go in on either side as you roll. Secure the end of the strip with the glue. Carefully slide the bead off the toothpick, and let dry. String the beads on a length of dental floss (it will not break as easily as string).



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