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easy craft


Black heavy paper
Colored cellophane wrap
Hole punch
Cut a 6" circle from the black tag board. Then have an adult use an Exact-o knife and cut out a pattern on the circle making sure to leave a grid to attach the cellophane to. Pop out all the shapes that were cut out. Take the shapes that were cut out and use them for a pattern to cut out the colored cellophane. Make sure to cut bit larger than the black shape to leave enough to glue to the circle. After you have all the cellophane pieces cut, glue them to the back of the circle into the corresponding places. You may wish to make this easier for young children and simple cut the cellophane into a 6" circle. Only use one color for their stained glass circle. That way they only have one piece of cellophane to glue on. Punch a hole at the top of the circle and attach string to hang in a sunny window!



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