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Strong Paper Plate
String or Yarn
Crayons or paint.
Paper Punch
Cut out the center of the plate to make a ring shape. Then decorate your hoop- either paint it or color it with markers or crayons. Then use a paper punch to make 13 holes around the outside(you will want an uneven number of holes), Now have the kids weave the string through the holes while putting on beads. I use large beads with the younger kids and wrap tape around the end of the string (or dip the string in glue and let dry) to help them guide it through the beads. Older kids can put beads on that have something to do with a dream they once had. Such as favorite color, birthstone, ideas like that. They also shared their dream catchers by sharing what the beads stood for. Continue until you have woven all the holes. We left two strings hanging off the side and put beads on them as well, for decoration. Hang on the wall or in a window.



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