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These are good "mini-rhymes" to use when your child is learning how to print their numbers.
1-A straight line, one is fun.
2-Around and back on the railroad track-two,two,two.
3-Around the tree and around the tree, that's the way we make a three.
4-Down and over, down some more. That's the way we make a four.
5-Fat old five goes down and around. Put a flag on top and see what you've
6-Down to a loop, six rolls a hoop.
7-Across the sky and down from heaven, that's the way we make a seven.
8-Make an "s" but do not wait -- go right back up to make an eight.
9-A loop and a line--that's a nine.
10-A one first, a zero then, that's the way we make a ten!



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