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Poster board
Black construction paper
Construction paper the color of poster board
Take colored poster board (your choice) and cut to fit between underarms of child and knees. Should be able to wrap around child with room to wear sweats underneath. Cut oval out of crayon color from construction paper. Glue to center of poster board over tummy. Cut out the letters CRAYOLA from black construction paper and glue to construction paper centered on tummy. Use leftover poster board to construct cone shaped hat. Should use 2" strip at base of hat to form crayon design. Make sure top of hat has flat base. Attach elastic to shoulder area and staple to poster board.
DO NOT make too long as will constrict walking ability. May have to cut out arm indentations for easier fit. Use the same colored clothing underneath to create illusion of all one color. Utilize Halloween reflector to ensure safety of being seen at night.



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