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Sturdy cardboard
Utility knife
Colored netting
Brightly colored paints
Satin ribbon
Leotard & tights
One & half yards of the same colored fabric
Same colored socks
Plain, simple mask
Silk flowers
Pipe cleaners
Cut out two sets of the wings from the cardboard. Using a utility knife, cut out designs from the inside of the wings. Paint one side of each wing and fold them in half like a real butterfly. Next, lay the netting between the set and glue in place. Punch four holes through the cardboard to run the ribbon through to give the effect of a backpack.
We now have to make a mask. Separate the petals of the flowers and glue them neatly around the mask from the inside out, carefully making sure that the eyes are not covered. Remove the elastic cord and staple a piece of ribbon (long enough to tie around the head and dangle down) to each side. Double the pipe cleaners and attach to the back of the mask; glue the pompoms to the ends.
Have the child put on the leotard, tights and shoes, covering the shoes with the socks.
Use combinations of reds, oranges, yellows, greens, blues, purples, and pinks
This could also be used as a fairy with silver and white!



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