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Going on a walk is a daily activity around my house. Making it new and exciting takes a little imagination. I've made little shoulder bags from cotton material, but it is just as easy to give each child a grocery bag, just try to make sure it has an easy to carry handle. Every neighborhood changes throughout the year. Plan "theme" walks, changing with the season or current interest or lesson the children may have.
For example:
Try collecting different
Stones, Leaves (colored leaves in the fall),
Try finding different
Bugs, flowers, birds, red things (pick any color), round things, things that start with a T (or any letter)

The following song is easy to learn.
Let the kids make up a tune as they learn the words.
Taking a walk is so much fun,
We didn't hurry, we didn't run.
We watched for birds,
We watched for bees,
We looked at all the beautiful trees.



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