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Make your own Pinata! Made a few days before the party you can put in it what you wish (great for children that may have allergies to peanuts or if you wish to limit the amount of candy).
You'll need:
Large balloon Blow it up and tie the end to a table.
Paste Mix 1 cup flour with 2 cuups water in a bowl.
Newspaper Rip or cut into strips 1 to 2 inches wide.
Masking tape
String Several long pieces. (cotton works well)
Decorating materials paint, stickers, crepe paper, construction
paper, ribbon. Use your imagination.

Spread a few newspaper sheets around the ballon to keep the table clean.
Dip the newspaper strips into the paste one by one.
Run your fingers down each strip to remove extra paste.
Start wrapping the strips around the balloon, leaving an empty space at the neck about 3 inches in diameter.
First layer strips up and down.
Then layer strips around the balloon.

Let the pinata dry for 3 days and pop the balloon.
Decorate the pinata and put the treats inside through the hole.
(raisins, wrapped candies, small toys, lollipops)
Now tape the ends of each piece of string inside the hole
Reinforce each piece with tape several times.
Decorate as you wish. You can make faces, animals or an object. With a little imagination the Pinata will be the "hit" of the party.

To play the pinata game... you will need a bat and a blindfold. Hang the pinata over the players heads.
Make sure everyone is standing well away from the player and the pinata.



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