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Question 1

What can you use for an emergency ice pack?

Bag of frozen veggies
Piece of bread
There are a number of items in the freezer that will make a great ice pack. Put a damp sponge in a plastic bag and freeze it if you don´t use frozen veggies! Although a piece of bread will mould to the child´s skin nicely, it is not cold enough to do any good.

Question 2

Which of the following can be toxic when, consumed?

A lot of household items are toxic if taken in a dangerous quantity. Among them are vitamins, nutmeg, tobacco, and mouthwash. Butter is not toxic, just fattening!

Question 3

What can you use to make non-slip socks?

Masking tape
Fabric Paint
Masking tape becomes very slippery when compressed. Find out how to make safe, non-slip socks for your kids, using fabric paint.

Question 4

Which of the following is a sign of dehydration?

Increased urination
Lack of tears
Actually a decrease of urination is a sign of dehydration. The right answer is lack of tears.

Question 5

What is the best time to go outdoors on a hot, sunny, summer day?

7 a.m. - 9 a.m.
11 a.m. - 3 p.m.
The sun is not as strong or dangerous before 11 a.m. The sun is strongest, and therefore more dangerous mid-day.

Question 6

How long before you go outdoors should you apply sunscreen?

30 minutes
5 minutes
It takes 30 minutes for the skin to absorb sunscreen and make it effective.

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